Inpatient Services


Pre-hospitalization Procedures

1. Hospitalization reservation slip

When you are required to be hospitalized, the hospitalization reservation slip is issued by your doctor at the outpatient clinic. Please bring the slip to the admission counter below.
Admission CounterReception Hours
E0 “MY Station” on the 2nd floor of Building 29 am to 5 pm (Monday-Friday)
9 am to 2 pm (Saturday except the 3rd Saturday)
Emergency Reception on the 1st floor of Building 3Outside of the hours listed above (including night-time and holidays)

2. Hospitalization reservation

We give you an admission application form. Please fill it out and turn it in the admission counter. We give you "Admission Information Booklet" and "Admission Agreement Form" as well. We ask if you have any preferred room. We can receive your request for room types, however, please understand that we cannot always meet your request.
  • If your hospitalization is related to an industrial accident or a traffic accident, be sure to inform the clerk.
  • "Admission Information Booklet" provides information about things to bring and instructions during hospitalization. We recommend that not only the patients but also their families read it.
  • Signatures of the patient his/herself, a guarantor, and a joint guarantor (who lives separately and be financially independent) are required on the admission agreement.

3. Phone call on the day before your hospitalization

We give you a phone call on the day before your admission date to inform that what time you should come, what documents and things you should bring, etc. on the date of admission, as well as which ward and room you are going to stay at.
If your hospitalization is scheduled on the day after weekends and holidays, we call you on the weekday immediately preceding on the day of your admission.

4. On the day of your admission

Please come to “MY station” at the appointed time and submit required documents to a clerk. If you need to pay a deposit, please put down it as well. We give you a medical chart for inpatients.
  • When your health insurance card was changed during hospitalization, be sure to present it to the clerk.

Please keep wearing the wrist band during hospitalization.


We basically do not ask for a deposit, however, the patients below are required to pay a deposit equal to the amount which we explained on the day of hospitalization reservation.
  • Obstetrics hospitalization (only the patients hospitalized for childbirth)
  • Hospitalization which expenses are not covered by public health insurance
  • No joint guarantor entered on the admission agreement forms
  • Others

We only accept cash for a deposit.