Outpatient Services


For International Patients

Toho University Omori Medical Center is the closest university hospital to Haneda International Airport, which is the main gateway to Japan. We are a certified special functioning hospital by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, and provide highly advanced medical care. We also have been certified to “the Japan International Hospitals (JIH)” by the Medical Excellence Japan (MEJ), and “Japan Medical Services Accreditation for International Patients (JMIP)” by the Japan Medical Education Foundation.
We have outpatient clinics in Haneda Airport Terminal 2 and Terminal 3, and a PCR test facility in Terminal 3 Clinic.
We are conveniently located and have the system to provide much safer, highly advanced medical care for international patients.

Consultation Hours

Outpatient Reception Hours First Visit: 8:30am to 11:00am
Return Visit: 8:30am to 11:30am
Day Closed The third Saturday of each month, every Sunday, national holidays, the year-end and new year holidays (December 29 – January 3), foundation day (June 10)

Contact Information

International Medical Support Department
  • Phone
    Direct call: +81-3-5763-5324 (Weekdays 8:30am–4:30pm, Saturday 8:30am–1:00pm, English and Chinese available) Main number: +81-3-3762-4151 (Night-time, Weekends, Japanese language only)
  • E-mail

Notification on your visit

  • We ask all patients to show some public forms of identification such as a Japanese health insurance card, photo ID (passport, residence card, etc.) at the time of the registration. Please bring such personal identification when you visit us.
  • Patients who do not speak Japanese should always be accompanied by an interpreter.
  • We may request you to pay a deposit at the time of your reception.

Patients without referral letters

  • You are requested to bring a referral letter from another medical institution when you visit us for your consultation because our hospital is certified as a special functioning hospital by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
  • If you do not have a referral letter, an additional service fee of 7,700 yen (tax included) called “SENTEI RYOYOHI” will be charged apart from the first visit fee.
  • 8,800 yen (tax included) charged for visits outside of operating hours.

International patients without status of Japanese residence

  • Patients who have neither Japanese public health insurance coverage nor status of residence in Japan (visiting for business, sightseeing, etc.) are charged at a rate of 20 yen per medical remuneration point (200% that of patients who have Japanese public health insurance).
  • Even though you have only outpatient care, high medical expenses over 100,000 yen may be charged when MRI, CT and/or blood tests are required. Please understand there are also cases, depending on the disease or condition, in which we are unable to provide consultation.
  • If you need to be admitted to our hospital and/or have surgery, we ask you to pay a deposit equal to estimated medical expenses. Please be sure to bring it on the day of admission.
  • Patients who do not speak Japanese should always be accompanied by an interpreter.

Medical tourists from other countries

  • Person who visits Japan for medical purpose including medical treatment or a full medical check-up (Medical Tourism) require a "Visa for Medical Stay".
  • If you want to visit Japan for medical purpose including medical treatments or a full medical check-up (Medical Tourism), please be sure to go through the application process via a registered guarantor. We do not accept any requests from individuals. Here is information of guarantors registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If you have not selected a registered guarantor yet, please refer to them.
    - List of Medical Coordinators: https://www.mofa.go.jp/j_info/visit/visa/medical_stay2.html
    - My Carelight: http://www.mycarelight.com/, E-mail: info@mycarelight.com
    - List of Travel Agencies: https://www.mofa.go.jp/j_info/visit/visa/medical_stay3.html
  • If you want to visit us as a medical tourist, please fill out “Consultation Request Form for International Patients” and send it to the International Medical Support Department via email or FAX through a registered guarantor.
    E-mail: kokusai-ms@ext.toho-u.ac.jp
    FAX: +81-3-5763-5403
  • Our doctors will review whether your request is acceptable or not after we receive the request form, and then we will inform you of our judgement.
  • When you need to have inpatient care, we ask you to pay a deposit equal to estimated medical expenses in advance. On the day of admission, please bring Japanese cash or your credit card (we accept DC, VISA, JCB, Mastercard, American Express and Diners Club).

Required documents

English documentation

  • We charge 11,000 yen (tax included) separately to issue a document such as medical certificates or referral letters in English.