Sleep Disordered Breathing Center


Patient Care

We treat the patients with SAS at the outpatient clinic in our Respiratory Center. Current consultation schedules are shown below.
For first patients: mainly in the morning on Thursday
For revisit patients: Dr. Takai and a locum doctor provide consultation in the morning on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and in the afternoon on Tuesday and Thursday.
Main treatment for SAS is CPAP therapy. Besides, we provide other treatments in cooperation with associated departments or medical facilities. Some examples are as follows.
  • Oral appliances are created by the oral surgery.
  • For the cases with SAS caused by enlarged tonsil which is frequently found in pediatric patients, operation is considered and performed by the otorhinolaryngology (ENT).
  • For the cases with SAS mainly caused by sleep disorders such as hypersomnia, treatments are provided by specialized medical facilities in our community.

1) Target disease

  • Disease which we make diagnoses and provide treatments Sleep apnea syndrome (SAS)
  • Disease which we only make diagnoses in general Narcolepsy, hypersomnia, rapid eye movement (REM) sleep behavior disorder, restless legs syndrome, etc.
(We cooperate with specialized medical facilities in our community and other departments in our hospital)

2) Examinations available in our hospital

We are a specialized medical institute (Type A) certified by Japanese Society of Sleep Research. We can provide examinations such as a simple test (portable monitoring), polysomnography (PSG), and multiple sleep latency test (MSLT).

Simple test:
We have devices for rent. If it is hard to revisit us to return it because you live far away or have business reason, home-delivery service is available.

PSG test:
You need to have an overnight stay at hospital (two-day hospitalization). You are admitted around 7pm after having dinner and taking a bath at home, and have a sleep for 8 hours in a special room (soundproof room) until next morning hooked up to electroencephalograph (EEG), respiration sensor, electromyogram (EMG), etc. Technicians monitor you, put on and take off the sensors, and help your excretion. You are discharged around 6 am.

3) Medical treatments (covered by the public health insurance)

CPAP therapy
We introduced various kinds of CPAP devices and we choose optimal one based on each patient’s condition and/or social background.

Oral appliances
We cooperate with the oral surgery in our hospital or dentists in our community to create oral appliances.