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Pediatrics Center (pediatrics)


Pediatrics Center (pediatrics)

From the Chair and About Us

Prof. Hiroyuki Matsuura
Professor and Chair
Pediatrics Center (pediatrics)
Toho University Omori Medical Center
Our pediatric department of Toho University Omori Medical Center protects children’s health both physically and mentally, and supports them living a healthy life. The aim of our department is to contribute to society by providing “comprehensive care” for children.
Our mission in five points
  1. Foster superior pediatricians.
  2. Provide advanced medical service deserving university hospital quality.
  3. Carry out responsibilities as a core hospital in southern Tokyo.
  4. Provide compassionate medical care to anxiety among not patients themselves but also their parents.
  5. Strive to keep in harmony with the medical staff in our department.
Toho University Omori Medical Center is one of the core hospitals in south western area of Tokyo. As a university hospital we provide high-quality pediatric care in the area. There are about 80,000 children in Ota Ward and we protect children’s health in cooperation with public administration and medical associations members in our area. In addition, we fulfill our responsibilities as the only tertiary pediatric emergency medical facility in Ota Ward. At the same time, we are in liaison with secondary pediatric impatient medical care facilities such as Ebara Hospital and Japan Red Cross Omori Hospital and contribute to regional medical service.

Our goal for patients is getting them cured by providing appropriate diagnoses based on investigation of nonspecific symptom and administering treatments. We also strive to detect any severe disease cases while investigating even mild cases. It is our policy to practice medical care for a wide spectrum disease with consistency regardless of severity.

Having an active involvement in surgical diseases, we also provide patients with appropriate primary care for those diseases in cooperation with the surgical department. We make an earnest effort to create an environment for patients who visit Toho University without any uneasiness.

Our medical staff bring unique experience and perspective thanks to various backgrounds involving medical school experience, practice in medicine, and raising families. We believe that we can provide patients with better medical care by understanding the various backgrounds. We cherish diversity management and strive to work together in improving pediatric care.

Patient Care