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Department of Neurosurgery


Department of Neurosurgery

About Us

Our department has adopted each new technology and offers a wide range of treatments using various surgical methods. The number of operations in the department for 5 years is about 1700, including skull base surgery, endovascular treatment, brain tumor surgery, bypass surgery, carotid endarterectomy, neuro-endoscopic surgery, stereotactic radiotherapy, and spinal tumor. In addition, based on careful consideration of cerebrovascular disorders such as cerebral aneurysm, craniotomy or endovascular treatment using a catheter (cerebral aneurysm embolization, stent placement, etc.) is selected. Our hospital has an Intensive Care Unit, which is always in cooperation and supports emergency surgery. We are proud that our department has played a central role in neurosurgery in the south of Tokyo's 23 wards.

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