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Breast and Endocrine Surgery


Breast and Endocrine Surgery

About Us

We cover mammary gland diseases and thyroid diseases, and perform surgery and provide pharmacotherapy for them.

Mammary gland

We treat malignant diseases such as breast cancer and phyllodes tumor, benign diseases such as growing fibroadenoma, infectious diseases such as mastitis, male gynecomastia, etc.
We proactively perform breast conservation surgery and breast reconstruction (primary or secondary reconstruction with artificial material or autologous tissue). We also perform prophylactic mastectomy for the patients who tested positive for mutations in BRCA.


We perform surgery for thyroid cancer, Grave’s disease, thyroid gland nodule, and primary/secondary hyperparathyroidism.
We provide outpatient pharmacotherapy in principle. Even though the patients are required hospitalization, we try to shorten the hospital stay in consideration of financial burden. We cooperate with the Clinical Genetics Unit to provide genetic counseling on familial breast / thyroid cancer.

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