The Department of General Medicine and Emergency Care


Patient Care

Although we are a university hospital, we also play a role as a regional base hospital, accepting various outpatients as well as emergency patients. Of these, about 90% of outpatients and 85% of inpatients can be completed in our department. We are also receiving about 60% of emergency transports.

Outpatient Care:

  1. As generalists, we manage many patients with “Common diseases” including emergency patients.
  2. We make diagnoses of various complaints including in challenging cases such as “fever of unknown origin” or “medically unexplained symptoms”. We utilize our skills of history taking and physical examination to formulate hypotheses based on the patient's complaints. As staffs of the university hospital, we also utilize various advanced testing equipment such as FDG/PET-CT, high-spec MRI, or CT scan.
  3. For complicated patients, we provide comprehensive care that beyond framework of organs. As generalist in the university hospital, a gathering of specialists, we coordinate and connect various specialists together for the benefit of patients.
  4. Thanks to the support from patients, we have managed the largest number of outpatients as a department of general medicine in a university hospital in Japan (Figure).

Inpatient Care:

We manage inpatients with “Common diseases” such as acute infectious diseases, including emergent patients who need intensive care, and “challenging case for diagnosis” such as “fever of unknown origin”. We also contribute to inpatients as consultants of many other specialists.