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Department of Cardiovascular Surgery


Department of Cardiovascular Surgery

About Us

One of our values is that we cover all surgical treatments for circulatory diseases regardless of specialties.
Regarding cardiac surgery for adult patients, we proactively perform coronary artery bypass surgery for ischemic heart diseases without the use of a heart-lung machine. We form a team of cardiac specialists to treat valvular heart diseases, and proactively perform not only valve replacement but also valvuloplasty and minimally invasive surgery with right thoracotomy. We perform transcatheter aortic valve implantation as well.
With regard to cardiac surgery for children, we provide personalized careful treatments in consideration of each pathological condition to treat the wide range of the diseases from neonatal disorders to adult congenital heart diseases.
As for vascular surgery, stent grafting is becoming a main procedure to treat arteriosclerosis obliterans, varicose vein of the lower limbs, etc.

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