Department of Cardiovascular Surgery


From the Chair

Takeshiro Fujii, the Chair of Cardiovascular Center (Surgery)
Takeshiro Fujii,
the Chair of Cardiovascular Center (Surgery)
We started cardiovascular consultation in June 1959 and had the 60th anniversary in 2019. Our department organizes Cardiovascular Surgery Department, Aorta Center, and Pediatric Center (Cardiovascular Surgery). We cover a wide range of diseases and ages from newborns to the elderly, and the number of surgery reached 300 cases a year. We provide medical care in close contact with our cardiovascular internal medicine, pediatrics, neonatology, and emergency care center.
Treatment for cardiovascular diseases is rapidly progressing and the outcomes are being improved. However, we believe the biggest factor is our multidisciplinary teamwork with not only the cardiovascular surgery department but also related departments and allied healthcare professionals. We provide medical care aimed at patients’ early recovery through good teamwork.