Department of Cardiovascular Surgery


Patient Care

1. We cover a wide range of surgical treatments for any diseases related to the heart and vessels through our smooth teamwork.

We, the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery in Toho University Omori Medical Center, are part of one team as “Cardiovascular Center” and provide medical care in close cooperation with the department of our cardiovascular internal medicine. We have a system to allow us to examine patients as soon as they are judged to require surgical treatments. Our strength is to be able to treat any diseases related to the heart and vessels promptly and properly.
Patients with problems in their heart and/or vessels often have other diseases such as diabetes, chronic respiratory disorder, kidney failure, etc. as well. In such cases, we cooperate with related departments and examine them promptly. We can do it because our hospital has specialists in every department and daily communication between them is maintained well. We take pride in our teamwork. We strive to keep quality medical service comprehensively and have patients receive treatments without anxiety.

2. We thoroughly prepare to treat patients under life-threatening and emergency conditions

Heart or vascular diseases often include life-threatening and emergency cases such as acute myocardial infarction, acute heart failure, dissecting aortic aneurysm, etc.
We cooperate with our Emergency Medical Care Center to treat such patients under severe conditions 24/7. We have a hotline system to enable medical facilities in our community to refer urgent patients directly to us.
On November 2010, “Tokyo Super-network for Acute Aortic Disease” was established in Tokyo. We are one of the only 12 designated hospitals in Tokyo as “Prioritized Emergency Hospital for Urgent Aortic Disease”. We cooperate with our Aortic Center to provide emergency medical treatments for acute aortic diseases to the patients transferred through the network.

3. We strive to treat our patients in prospect of even their future QOL (Quality of Life)

We treat the patients in need of emergency care as above. Meanwhile, our outpatient clinic is open every day for new patients referred by other medical facilities in our community. If heart and/or vascular diseases are troubling you, please consult with your family doctor in our community first. We highly recommend that the elderly, in particular, are diagnosed and treated as soon as possible.
In general, under the conventional medical care, it had been said that the older patients are, the more the risks increase with regard to heart and vascular surgery. However, owing to recent advancement of medical technologies, the number of patients even in their 70’s to 80’s who can be safely operated is increasing.
According to the announcement from Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW), the average life expectancy in Japan was 81.21 years for men and 86.61 years for women in 2013. We would say that the earlier the patients are treated, the less worries and the more comfort they can live out the rest of their lives with.
We not only cure our patients’ diseases but also make efforts to minimize postoperative risks, etc. in prospect of even their future. We provide treatments in careful consideration of therapeutic options in advance to maintain every patient’s QOL after treatment for a long time.

4. We thoroughly perform “minimally invasive operation” for newborn and child patients with congenital heart diseases.

We are designated as “General Perinatal Medical Center for Mother and Child” in Tokyo. We treat a lot of mothers and newborn babies with various risks.
We cooperate with the Pediatrics Center and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) / Growing Care Unit (GCU) in the Neonatology department to perform surgery for newborns and children with congenital heart diseases. We devote our most careful attention to “minimally invasive heart operation for small children”. We are making every effort to minimize the surgical wound, blood loss and physical strain.
When a fetus is diagnosed with a congenital heart disease in the prenatal period, cooperation with NICU/GCU in the Neonatology allows us to make a treatment plan in advance to perform surgery soon after delivery.
One of our hospital’s values is that we can provide meticulous care to patients in a wide age range between newborns and the elderly. We always endeavor to provide patient-friendly and safe treatments to all patients as well.