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Chemotherapy Center

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Recent cancer treatment consists of four categories which are surgical treatments (including endoscopic treatment), radiotherapy, chemotherapy and palliative care, and these treatments are multidisciplinary used aiming at radical cure of cancer. Surgical treatments and radiotherapy fall into regional therapy, but chemotherapy is a systemic therapy. Chemotherapy targets the patients with distant metastases which are difficult to be radically cured with regional therapy, or in need of preoperative / postoperative adjuvant chemotherapy aiming at radical cure of invisible cancer.
Since the beginning of 21st century, research on a genetic level has been moving forward. In recent times, in addition to conventional cytotoxic chemotherapeutic agents, molecular targeted drugs and immune checkpoint inhibitors are proactively used in clinical practice. It leads to significant prolonged lifetime. In the Chemotherapy Center, specialized staff provide chemotherapy to the patients referred by other departments keeping our slogan “Provide safe, assured and advanced chemotherapy” in our mind.

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