Cardiovascular Medicine


From the Chair

Takanori Ikeda, MD., PhD.
Takanori Ikeda, MD., PhD.
Professor & Chair
Department of Cardiovascular Center(Internal medicine)
Toho University Omori Medical Center
Toho University School of Medicine
Our hospital was founded in 1925 and we have been providing medical consultation and examination on circulatory diseases since then. The Cardiovascular Center was established in 2003 and Prof. Takanori Ikeda has assumed the post of the chair since 2012. Treatment of circulatory disease is making remarkable progress in these years. New diagnoses and therapeutic methods have been introduced one after another. Our facility is equipped with high-performance diagnostic devices, so that we are able to give a treatment using the cutting edge catheters and devices. We provide advanced medical care in cooperation with other medical institutions. Our staff strive to keep learning each day. As a result, most of our doctors are certified by related academic societies. We will keep making an effort to be relied on and provide our patients with safe medical care.