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Cancer Center


Cancer Center

About Us

We treat our cancer patients organically working as a team with staff in all departments related to the cancer treatment.
Current members are listed below.

The Chair

Hideaki Shimada
Name Job Title Specialty
Hideaki Shimada Professor Chair, Gastrointestinal Surgery
Atsuro Terahara Professor Vice Chair, Radiology
Kazuma Kishi Professor Vice Chair, Pulmonology/Respiratory Medicine
Yoshinori Igarashi Professor Gastroenterology
Kimihiko Funahashi Professor Gastrointestinal Surgery
Ryoichi Ochiai Professor Anesthesiology
Satoru Ebihara Professor Rehabilitation
Kazutoshi Shibuya Professor Pathology
Akihiro Ogino Professor Plastic and Reconstructive surgery
Yoichi Nakamura Professor Clinical Oncology, Palliative Care
Hideki Ogata Clinical Professor Breast and Endocrine Surgery
Hidenari Nagai Clinical Professor Gastroenterology
Hideki Sekiya Associate Professor Oral Surgery
Hiroyuki Takahashi Associate Professor Pediatrics
Kazuhiko Natori Associate Professor (in-hospital) Hematology and Oncology
Yoshinori Kikuchi Lecturer Gastroenterology
Yusuke Fukuda  Lecturer (in-hospital) Reproductive Medicine
Hajime Otsuka Assistant Professor Respiratory surgery
Humito Yamabe Assistant Professor Urology
Masaru Nagashima Assistant Professor Obstetrics and Gynecology

From the Chair

Patient Care