Department of Anesthesiology


Patient Care

10,300 surgeries are performed annually at Toho University Omori Medical Center and 5,700 surgical cases are managed by our Anesthesiology. We organize teams with cardiology, neurology, pediatrics, obstetrics, and pain clinic. A leader in each team is in charge of clinical training and education.
Patients scheduled to undergo surgery visit our perioperative care center for the following purposes.
  • Check regular medication by our pharmacists.
  • Check oral cavity by our oral surgery department.
  • Medical interview and explanation about anesthesia by anesthesiologists and nurses.
Patients have surgery after we confirm the safety regarding anesthesia in the perioperative care center and the high-risk case conference held by the department of patient safety management.
Anesthesiologists provide patients with systemic management and ensure their safety at operating rooms.
After surgery, we maintain analgesia (pain relief) of patients by epidural anesthesia, nerve block, and/or transvenous analgesics. Furthermore, our Acute Pain Service team evaluates patients’ postoperative pain and confirms the analgesic condition of patients at inpatient wards.
We provide patients with safety and pain control continuously in order to undergo surgery without anxiety. We cover medical care at from the perioperative care center to operating rooms, and bedsides, postoperative pain control.